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Good article. It is rather unfortunate that over the last one decade, the travel industry has already been able to to fight terrorism, SARS, tsunamis, influenza, swine flu, and also the first ever real global tough economy. Through everything the industry has really proven to be effective, resilient and also dynamic, discovering new strategies to deal with hardship. There are constantly fresh challenges and opportunities to which the sector must once more adapt and reply.

Dick    10 maj 2017 01:49 | -
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Thanks for your article. It's very unfortunate that over the last one decade, the travel industry has already been able to to handle terrorism, SARS, tsunamis, bird flu virus, swine flu, plus the first ever real global economic depression. Through all of it the industry has proven to be robust, resilient and dynamic, discovering new approaches to deal with hardship. There are constantly fresh troubles and chance to which the business must once more adapt and answer.

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